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Our programs will help you offer new, competitive products and services to comply with new regulations.

We are convinced that, to achieve this, we have to join forces to take action.

Players from the same sector all face the same challenges and the same constraints. That is why we set up consortiums, leading and guiding their participants to the summit of Everest.

We combine method and pragmatism with audacity and determination, to develop new sources of growth.

At (RE)SET, individual talent serves collective good, driving performance.

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The countdown has begun.
The French anti-waste law for a circular economy sets a target for brands and distributors to reduce single-use plastics by 20%, with 50% of this to be obtained through reuse.
We offer solutions adapted to your markets, consumers and distribution networks.
(RE)SET is at your side to support you and oversee this economic and industrial transformation.

Mass production has brought down the furniture industry’s manufacturing costs, with a significant impact on product service life.
Responsible for 2.65 million tons of waste, furniture is the third biggest source of waste in France, after packaging and paper. The furniture industry is undergoing a circular transformation to reduce its environmental footprint.
(RE)SET is its driving force.

At the 2019 G7 meeting in Biarritz, the fashion and textile sector pledged to meet targets for a sustainable fashion industry focusing on innovative chemical techniques to improve materials and their recyclability.
We partner these industry players to help them fulfill their commitments.


90% of the world trade is carried out by sea, which remains at the heart of international exchanges.  As a result, the sector accounts for nearly 2,5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, thus playing an important role in the current environnemental transition.

French ports are faced with a double challenge: to boost their competitiveness in front of a growing competition outside, and to take the turn of sustainable development.

(RE)SET is your pilot fish to maneuver through this transition.