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Our programmes help you market new products and services that are competitive and comply with new regulations.

We are absolutely convinced that to succeed, we must work together.

That's because all the players in a sector face the same challenges and obstacles. We create and lead consortiums, leading participants to the summit of Everest.

We use a combination of sound methodology, pragmatism, boldness and determination to develop new growth drivers.

(RE)SET harnesses the talents of each individual for the benefit of the team and performance.

  • Packaging
  • Furniture
  • Textiles


The countdown has begun.

The law against waste and for the circular economy sets a target for brands and retailers to reduce single-use plastics by 20%, of which 50% is obtained by reuse.

Solutions exist, adapted to your market, your consumers and your distribution networks.

(RE)SET is there to support you and drive this economic and industrial transformation.


Mass production has lowered the furniture industry's manufacturing costs, with an impact on product life expectancy.

Furniture is made from materials that are difficult to reuse or recycle, such as chipboard and plastic.

Accounting for 2.65 million tonnes in France, furniture is the third biggest source of waste, after packaging and paper. The furniture industry is committed to a circular transformation to reduce its environmental footprint. (RE)SET is its trusted partner.


At the G7 summit in Biarritz in 2019, the sector made commitments to sustainable fashion, based on an innovative chemical approach to materials and their recycling.

We are working in partnership with the players in the sector to help make these commitments a reality.